Agreement for services for limited purposes between you and this website.

Thank you for selecting this Website to prepare the necessary legal documents for your uncontested divorce, as offered through (“Website”).

  1. General Limitation: Our agreement to provide divorce documents begins at the time you accept this completed Services Agreement and we have received payment of your service fee through the Website by way of credit card payment. The Agreement will end after we have provided you the documents or any portion of the service that you have purchased, or the service is cancelled as provided by this Agreement and the Website Terms of Use.
  2. Fees and Payment Options: Our service fees and payment options are designed for your convenience, and are available only when you purchase services through the Website. All fees are deemed earned when paid.
  3. Limitations of Service: : You are making no commitment to use our services at any time in the future. We have not agreed to represent you in any legal matter. We are only providing your divorce documents for your use as a pro se litigant. Specifically, upon receipt of your requested documents, you will be representing yourself in your legal matter, and this website does not represent you for any purpose whatsoever. Upon completion and delivery of your requested documents, website maintains no further obligation to you unless we expressly agree to undertake further tasks or services.
  4. Filing: If we provide documents to you, such as a Petition for Divorce, and your documents require filing in a California court, you have agreed to take full responsibility for having the document filed properly and in compliance with California laws and procedures. Website does not provide any guarantee nor makes any assurances for the outcome of your legal case.
  5. Accuracy: We have made no further investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case and we rely entirely on you, the customer, to provide us with accurate information.
  6. Filing Fees / Court Costs: All pleadings filed in a court of law require the payment of filing fees, court fees, and possibly additional fees for service of process, etc. These costs will be your sole responsibility.
  7. Attorney / Client Relationship: No attorney client relationship is established by this Agreement or use of the website. By accepting this Agreement, a confidential relationship is created for the very specific purpose of creating the documents you have requested. This means that all communications with you will remain confidential.
  8. Cancellation / Termination: We reserve the right to cancel the service if your situation or circumstances do not qualify for our limited service, or if you fail to comply with this Agreement or the Website’s terms of use. You may terminate this Agreement at any time; however, fees paid are not refundable.
  9. Authorization: You have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the above, and you authorize us to prepare your legal documents based upon these terms and conditions.

I understand that I will have responsibility for filing my legal documents with the court, according to California law, and I will be proceeding as a pro se litigant.